Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Wet Sanding and Scrabble

Did some wet sanding this morning and then took the afternoon off to play some Scrabble at our library.  It is the nicest building in our small town!
It used to be one of our furniture stores, but was redone from top to bottom, it is modern and beautiful.
Today was the first Scrabble day and they are going to have it monthly for as long as it lasts I guess...Fun!
I'm so much of a homebody, I rarely go to happenings in town, but I went out for Scrabble!  I met a new lady who was very good, didn't get to play her, but she took my phone number and so maybe I'll get a call to play Scrabble at her house.
Hope you all had a good Tuesday...see you tomorrow!


  1. Hope you had a nice outing. I mailed you a present today.

    1. I really did have a good time! A present? I can hardly wait! Thank you!