Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Busy Day

After adding some things to my Etsy store, I had to go to P.O. to send out some orders, went to FamDollar Store to buy more drawers (the plastic kind, not the wearing kind), cleaned up around the studio area in the living room, did some wash, and emptied the dishwasher, half way filled it again...that's a busy day for me!

I need to use the start up disk on my computer--it is soooslooow!   I tried to put some pictures off on a disk but the computer didn't want to.  I hate to lose everything!  Pictures of Millie, Precious and Quincy...some family pics...I am so computer illiterate, I can do this and emails and that's about it.  But I love it and cannot imagine not using one every day!  Any tips?

The weather today was amazing...in the 60's and it's the end of January.  I remember the year my dad died, the January after that, it was snow every day that month and very cold.  So cold the snow froze on top and it was miserable to try to get around in.  Hasn't been like that since then that I can remember.  We've had a few big snows in all those years, but, nothing like that year...brrr!

I don't really mind the bad weather as I'm usually in the house snug as a bug in a rug doing something fun, I've been very blessed...okay, see you all later!


  1. Marti, I totally get your frustration and your situation with your computer. Just bite the bullet, take it to a tech and tell them what the problems are. They can save stuff for you if you get it before everything crashes. If it is working at all, now is the time to do it. Get them to back up pictures. Get a flickr account and as soon as you can transfer pictures, save them on flickr, then if your 'puter crashes, you haven't lost your pictures. When my computer was stolen a year and a half ago, that was what I hated the most, losing all my pictures of Gracie Mae Sugarbaker.