Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Sort of disappointed with the cyber sale...didn't sell one piece!  But I'm not complaining too much, because I did get an order that I am going to work on this week.

And, I have a couple pieces in Stringing that Jean Wells made up using a couple of my components.  Honestly, the bracelet she made looks great, but I think that is the ugliest piece I ever made.  I am surprised she used it and that it was published!  But I love the little owl earrings she made, I think those are some of my best pieces...so life has its ups and downs, what's new, right?

I wish I could show you the exact pieces in the magazine, but not sure I can do that.  But here are some pieces that are similar.

These owls are connectors, hers were earrings, but you get the idea!


okay, as always, thanks for stopping by and take care!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Fabulous Sale Items!

There are going to be a lot of sellers on Artisan Whimsy this weekend!  From Friday night thru the weekend!  Check it out here:


Kiln is On!

The kiln is just purring away this morning and I have a few new things in it.  I should be able to have the new things in the store by Friday for the sales I'm having this weekend.   At least that is the plan, nothing like doing things last minute...not my intentions, but the way it works out for me most of the time.

I have not been able to work out a schedule at home where I can be the clay artist I want to become, and keep up everything around here the way it should be and I don't have kids!  I don't understand how young women work outside the home, in the home and have children to deal with along with everything else.  God Bless Them ALL!

Take care if you go out shopping, people will knock you over to get what they think is a good deal.  I'm not even going close to town this weekend!

Hoping you all have a Happy and healthy Thanksgiving.  We can all be happy if we are healthy!  There are no replacements for good health or as good as it can be.  For those of you who have sadness during the holiday, take heart, it will get a little easier as time goes by...we never forget those we love and miss, but try to find things to be happy about...you can do it!

as always, thanks for stopping by and take care!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

BOC Cyber Sale

Plans in the making for a cyber sale this weekend.  Two in fact!  Hope you plan on coming by...see you there!

With approval, this is my give away component for the Beads of Clay Cyber sale.  

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Plans for GiveAway!

We are making plans for a Ceramic giveaway over at Artisan Whimsy.  When everything is in place, I will let you know!  You will want to get in on this!  Some beautiful pieces will be given out!


Thursday, November 15, 2012


Been busy making a few new things.  More owls, some Santa's and snowmen, and more horses.  I should be able to fire early next week.

Hope you all are doing well and getting ready for the holidays!  take care and thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Well, the Fair was a bust, but I came home to some orders online, so I am revived!

Here are some beads from the last firing.

I made some Fortune Cookie pendants that I thought were cute.  

Is it rude to think of them as cute and say so myself?  Hope not.  I am finally beginning to like some of my own things, it sure has taken a while.  You all are so good for my "ego".  I'm starting to believe you! LOL

Well, thanks for looking.  You can find these things at my Etsy store, the link is above on the right.
As always, thanks for stopping by and take care!

Friday, November 2, 2012

4H Craft Fair

The Ritchie County 4H Craft Fair is Saturday, November 3rd, from 9-2.  I think I have plenty made and everything packed for the day.
Trying now to play catchup on the housework and everything else I need to do before leaving for the day.
I am so excited to see more folks coming to my blog and adding it to their blog lists.  I am not much of a blogger, but I am happy to have you here and hope I can share something meaningful to you at some point.
thanks for stopping by and take care!