Monday, January 30, 2012

New Kiln Things

Very happy with what came out of the kiln this morning!  Here are a few new things:

The Bloom pendant wasn't easy to do.  Must find a better way!  I usually work with fairly wet clay which, of course, makes it harder to work with and so, the letters are exactly straight or even, but I like it anyway!  

These are greener in person.  I tried the living room lighting today, so the colors aren't exact.  The wing above is fairly close to right color.

I love elephants and have a small and varied collection of them.  My favorite is an elephant puppet I found hanging in a tree at a yard sale years ago.  He is hanging looking at me right now as a matter of fact!  He is hand carved from wood and had a horsehair tail at one time, and he is missing one tusk, but I love him anyway.  His legs are jointed as is his trunk, his head and his ears move!  He's wonderful...will have to upload his pic sometime soon!  

Here's a couple more things from the kiln today...I went off on a tangent didn't I?

These are Tree Of Life beads.  A tree goes completely around the bead, they are in a set of six.

And a cute little doggie and bones cuff and connectors...okay, that's enough for tonight.  These things and a few more will be added to the Etsy store sometime soon!  Thanks for dropping by!  


  1. Great stuff - that wing would make a fantastic cuff if you put just a bit of a curve in it.
    And the doggie things - love those. The beads are really pretty too. Another good load I'd say.

  2. Thanks Jean! I'm happy with this load...will try to remember to curve the wing next time!