Friday, June 29, 2012

6th Bead Soup Blog Hop

Here is the collection of my beads that I sent to my bead partner Karyn Lewis Bonfiglio for the 6th Bead Soup Blog Hop.  I looked over her blog and didn't see anything quite like this:

The ceramic bird focal was to be used for a bracelet as it is slightly curved to fit the wrist, but can be used otherwise just as well!  There are matching ceramic beads.  Vintage black glass beads, hematite beads and the blue glass beads and a vintage button for a closure rounds out the set.

I don't have to tell you how excited I am to see what she does with it.  Hope you have fun Karyn!

Thanks for stopping by, take care!  

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hey, I did it!

Please check out my new banner...thanks to all that suggested easy!


Thinking about the blog hop coming up and trying to come up with some designs in my head without any beads in stuff!
Things have been so crazy around here for the last month, this is such a nice diversion.
I am not a beader or jewelry maker, but looking at all the gorgeous things out there, I sure could become a bead hoarder and all my friends know, I don't need something else to hoard!
Getting used to wearing my jewelry out is getting easier all the time too.  Almost every time I wear my earrings or a piece I've made, it gets noticed and spoken about.  That is fun!  I give compliments easily and mean them, but it's always harder for me to graciously accept them, but I'm learning...a lifetime goal learned by wearing handmade jewelry...who knew?
Okay...enough for today.
Thanks for stopping by and take care!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

New Doctor

The new doctor seems great.  Young, tall, cute, and he even has long hair!  He seems to think this LAST surgery will only be 20 minutes and all problems solved.  I so hope this is our answer and we get can get back to our life before surgery.

The weather today has been fabulous, warm with a nice breeze.  Hot weather is around the corner...I like this best.

Thanks for all your prayers and concern but most of all your patience.  If you have an order in waiting, hopefully, you won't have to wait too much longer...I am so ready to get, so ready!

Thanks for stopping by and take care.

Monday, June 25, 2012

New Care

Well, Rusty starts wound care tomorrow. Hopefully, and according to the nurse we saw today, there is a light at the end of this tunnel. She says if anyone can fix this, this new guy can. Let's hope and pray. Rusty is getting a little discouraged, summer has just started and he's going to be ailing thru most of it...but, here's to a new approach and a new healing. we're ready for it! Got a new tracphone today, I am entering the texting world. Will miracles ever cease? I sure hope not! So much to learn in this new tech world! Thanks for stopping by, take care!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

So Excited About Blog Hop!

I was so excited to see Karyn's blog at: and to see what kind of things she does!
Going thru my stash of things, I think I found a perfect fit for her and might give her some range as well.  It seems to be a much different than anything I saw, so I am planning on sending it out Monday if possible!
Karyn, I hope you like my little stash to you because I am very excited with your style and I know you will do a great job with it!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Second Surgery

Rusty just got home from the hospital from his second surgery he had to fix the problem with the first one.  We are both worn out!!!  He was so impatient and almost unkind-- which he never is!  Just lying around and waiting to get able to go home and then the hours it takes to just get the doctor in and paperwork done...dear lands!  I know they are busy and have lots more than one or two patients, but...crazy waiting time!
Anyway, we go back Monday to see how things are going.  So far, the drain is fine and if he doesn't pop any more stitches, it should be fine.

Which brings me back to my CLAY...MY CLAY...I've missed my clay!  I've missed the odd but nice smell of it and the thickness of it between my fingers.  I've missed cutting it out and shaping the beads...the pendants...pressing in designs...soon, very soon now, I'll get back to it...Please pray that all goes well with the Mister!  And thank you!

Thanks for stopping by and take care!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Wow...another week down..

When we get this leaking situation under control, both of us will be so happy.  Maybe it's going to be a problem we will have to deal with for a while, but we should find out tomorrow what the next steps are.  
So far no infection, no fever...that is the good news.
I am getting behind on my clay...not good news.  But after tomorrow we should know for sure what to do next and when I can start again.  My little kiln has yet to be tried!!!  But soon--I hope!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Bead Soup Blog Hop

Bead Soup Blog Hop! I'm excited about it, why I don't know! I've said more than once I am not a jewelry designer, I just make beads and who knows, maybe the person I trade with won't even like ceramic beads...hmmm...what have I gotten myself into?! People from all over the world looking at what I've done with innocent little beads! Poor little beads, but they won't know what happened to them, right? I will do my best, I promise!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Staples OUT

So we went early this morning and Rusty got his staples removed!  I cannot tell you how good a nine day old incision looks!  Really!  It looks Good!  He is healing beautifully and tho he will always have a scar, we are grateful everything is going so well!  Thank You Lord!

We will hear from the doctor tomorrow about when he can drive, when the soft collar may be removed from around his neck, stuff like that...I again, want to thank all my online friends that have taken a moment or more to pray for him.  I KNOW the Lord heard your prayers and took great care of my fellow!  We are grateful...need I say more? It won't be much longer and things will return to normal around here!

Thanks for stopping by...take care!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

More Progress

Tomorrow morning Rusty gets his staples out and I get to see the scar...I hope I don't faint.  I've never been able to see blood on him without getting weak in the knees, even shaving cuts, I cannot imagine how this is going to look!
The bandage is at least 10 inches long, I hope the incision isn't that big too!  yikes.

And then, HOPEfully, I get to get muddy again very soon.  I am anxious to get things underway again and learn how to use my new kiln.

We had a couple of thunder booms a bit ago and I put Millie's thunder shirt on her again.  She just runs around the living room rubbing on everything trying to get it off.  She is such a sweetheart!

Monday, June 11, 2012


Rusty is still in the healing process, but all things seem to be going very well.  He sleeps a lot, and his appetite has slowed down some.  He says things just don't taste right.  I hope that clears up for him very soon.
It's been so long since we've had anything like this done, I don't remember the consequences.  But, I pray he continues on the path he is on, because it doesn't seem too bad.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday-What a Week

What a week this has been, but blessings have been flowing so I have no complaints.

Husband had his surgery Monday morning, got a room late that afternoon, and he rested well.  The doctor removed damaged chips from C3, 4, 5, 6 and half of C7.  Lots of damage from who knows when, but the doctor said he was much better after surgery than before.

Tuesday he had not slept or eaten very well, was extremely tired and a little grumpy, but that goes with the territory.

Wednesday he was practically back to his old self, had gotten some sleep finally and was doing pretty well.

When I saw him Thursday, he was my old Rusty again.  I could not believe the change in him after a little food and sleep.  He got to come home last night.

Friday morning, we have been out to eat breakfast and he is sleeping right now.  It is so good to have him home and resting, back to his wonderfully silly self and wanting to get right back into his routine.  We are so blessed.

I cannot thank you enough for your prayers and good thoughts and wishes for him!

The Lord has been so good to us and we have been blessed with over 30 years of mostly happiness and joy.  I do not regret one minute and would do it all over again with him by my side.

Thanks for stopping by, take care...I hope to get muddy again very soon!

Friday, June 1, 2012

What a Week...and a couple more to go...

This has been a busy week and for not good reasons, but we got an answer to prayer today, so I am very happy about that.

My husband is going into surgery Monday to repair damaged vertebrae that is years old.  The doc says he has no idea how long they have been this damaged.  Scary, as my husband doesn't take good care of himself and is not careful with his body.  He was a football player when he was a kid, need I say more?  I can tell you, he still would be if he could!  God bless him...if we get him thru this surgery and back on his feet without much more aggravation, I will be so happy and praise God for it!

Please pray for him to have a successful surgery and a good recovery.  It's all I want...for right now.

Thank you!

thanks for stopping by, take care!