Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Not Another Hobby!

Look what I've been doing the last few days!  It's not finished yet, still have to wash it and finish it up, and it's not perfect and it made my wrists hurt (well, only the French knots), but I am happy with it.

Most of it was done at the end of the day.  I told my husband it is so relaxing and he told me I need something to make me more relaxed…he was joking!  Trust me!

Have you ever done Brazilian Embroidery?  Let me know what you think…

thanks for stopping by, take care!

Friday, March 21, 2014

The Making of my Bead Soup for Marianne

Here is a picture I found somewhere online, probably FaceBook, that I thought was so gorgeous, I had to try to make it in clay.

First I downloaded and made a copy of the picture in the right size for a pendant. 

I cut it out and laid it down on a conditioned and ready piece of clay.  I used a stylus and got an impression of the flower into the clay.  Cut it out and added some detail.

After letting it dry for a couple of days between a couple of ceiling tiles, I used a sponge to wet sand the edges and smooth out what crinkles I could.  

Then the piece was bisque fired, cooled, glazed and fired to cone six which goes to over 2200 degrees.

There it is mixed in with beads that I got for the Soup and the special clasp that was handmade just for me by Jean Wells.

I hope Marianne likes it.  I was happy with the way it turned out and thrilled to be part of this Bead Soup again.  This really gives me a chance to grow in my less than fabulous jewelry skills.  I hope Marianne is happy with what I did with hers.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Got 'Em!

Just received my Bead Soup Blog Hop beads from Marianne Baxter today.  They are perfectly beautiful and in my favorite colors!  Check them out!

There are two little fish that I must do something special with.  I am not really into the Zodiac and horoscopes and all that, but my sign is Pisces and I've a feeling these are going to be a great dangle.  Off to do some chores, then back to think and plot what to do with such loveliness…  
Thank you Marianne!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

My Bead Soup Blog Hop Partner is…

Marianne Baxter at:


Marianne works in glass and metal clay and her work is lovely. I am excited to be her partner!  I have to fire her focal, I just finished glazing it and I just pray it goes as well as I hope it will!

The focal is fired and I will bag this stuff up and on the way before Friday!  It was such a nice bead shopping day for Marianne, I hope she likes it!

thanks for stopping by, take care