Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Some New Things

Here are some new things from the Baby kiln today.  Summer is going by so quickly!  Hope you are doing well, I've been busy, just not posting so much.

The orange and black Twisted Stars are spoken for and the LOVE beads.  I have multi colored beads this time, most of mine are done in single colors.  And the X & O beads have large holes to be put on cording of some kind.  

Millie is not feeling good this morning...I am keeping my eye on her.  I think it's just an upset stomach.  Bless her heart, I would rather be sick than her...

thanks for stopping by, take care!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Ol' Blue

My brother came over today and took me for a ride in Ol' Blue.  He only scared me once when we left rubber on the road!

Here is Ol' Blue and if you look real close, you can see me taking pics of her!

Brother is real proud of the 15" back tires! 

Beautiful wood in the back!

Black and that beautiful metallic blue interior.

Shiny chrome front, so pretty!

He said he didn't want his picture taken!  Can you see me?

Bye little brother, thanks for the ride..sure got my heart to pumping!  

Monday, July 1, 2013

Red, White and Blue

When I decided I would make something for the Beads of Clay blog, it only took a minute to decide what month I wanted.  July.  My younger brother was born in July so it's always been a special month to us.  And then of course, the 4th.  What a special day for our country!

While I was making these turquoise beads I got to thinking about what I was doing.  I took some clay and smashed and rolled it on my sidewalk out front.  Old cement, rock steady, trustworthy, and every now and then a big crack.  Yes, that reminded me much of my brother.  Rock steady and trustworthy with a wacky sense of humor.  And with a voice like an angel.  He sings all around our part of this wonderful world, for celebrations, funerals and just for fun.
Since we've grown up and he became a man and then a father, I can say, he is someone I am just proud to know, let alone be related to.  He provides for and cherishes his family.  He tears up when he talks about his girls…what a great daddy!  

So, here is my tribute to my brother, Calvin Lee Wilson, and what he means to me is so far beyond this…I love you, brother!

Here is my July treasury...hope you like it!

thanks for stopping by and take care!