Friday, January 13, 2012

Beads, Beads, and more Beads!

Working up some beads today, well mostly beads anyway.  I did make a few pendants and will make a few more.  The speckled clay made it's way out today.  I love this speckled clay!  Almost every glaze I've put on it has been so nice.  May experiment a little when these are ready to glaze.
One of my friends actually came by the house today and bought a couple necklaces!  I was so pleased!  She seemed happy and that just made my day.  Hopefully, she will advertise for!
We have had a dip in the weather, it is wintertime after all.  This winter has been very mild up until now, it was 17 degrees this morning with some snow on the ground.  The wind was almost violent last night, settled at some point thru the night, and hasn't blown at all today that I've noticed.  But I am not complaining, I would rather have it a bit too cold than too hot!
Back to the clay...Thanks for stopping by, bless you!

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