Monday, February 3, 2014

New Bones

Suzanne Berk is an animal rescuer.  I love her for what she does and I so appreciate her asking me to make some bones for her to use on her Rescue Bracelets at iRescue.  Here is a link:

She has used some of my components before and I am thrilled to have some of my pieces in her work!

Here are a couple she sold last year…

Here are the steps to making the bones I did for her:
Step one is conditioning the clay and cutting out same size pieces…

Then make the cuts to shape the bones:

Then, I finalize the shape using my fingers.

Add high fire wire to use as a connector.

Let them all dry for a couple of days after wet sanding them to take down sharp edges and just make them look better.

The results of the fire:

Suzanne, I am honored to do these for you, I pray you will be blessed by using them and those they go to as well.  Thank you for what you do!  

I hope you've enjoyed seeing how these are made as much as I did doing them.

as always, thanks for stopping by and take care