Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Happy Old Girl!

I'm a happy old girl today.  I've been having some blurry vision in one eye and my regular eye doctor gave me some kind of test where I could see a small blob on the back of my eye.  Scary!  Altho, he said not to worry, it wasn't the big C or anything like that...but I saw that little blob on my retina and after tests today, the blob is gone!  I am very thankful that my eyes are as good as can be expected (for my age)!  I am grateful...Thank You Lord.  You are so good and I appreciate You!  I praise You!


  1. I'm so glad you're feeling better and that little blob (whatever it was) is gone! I've had some eye issues due to the Lyme and it IS pretty scary o.O

    1. Thanks Kayla, it has been a big relief, for sure!

  2. There is nothing like the gift of our precious health, Marti! I think the relief and gratitude we experience after such a scare is like a foretaste of Paradise ♥