Friday, September 7, 2012

Good Times?

We are having a sale on Etsy for our First Friday Art Walk...check it out!  I am having a 15% off if you use coupon code BOCPAT15.  There are several others having sales as well!

My button buddy and I had a good time at Button Club, I came home with more buttons than I intended to, but that's okay.  But, let me tell you about our trip...on the way up, I hit a bird, a BIG bird, but did no damage to the car...I hated that so badly I can't tell you.  He/she was in the ditch by the road and I didn't see it at all until it hit our windshield.

That was enough to practically ruin my day.  I've hit very few animals while driving and it makes me sick every time.  So sad as it was only doing its birdly duties...makes me sad yet today.

Then on the way back from Button Club I had to lay some rubber down to keep from t-boning an old man who pulled right in front of us!  I saw him coming and I kept thinking to myself, don't do that...stop...don't pull out in front of I was able to slow down enough.  I have never blown my horn at anyone before, but I did him!

We ate at Taco Bell which I wasn't in the mood for, but maybe we'll hit Chinese next time!

Thanks for stopping by and take care!

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