Monday, September 3, 2012

Catching Up...

Trying to catch up on some housework...I will never understand how this house can go to pot in two or three days when there are only two people and one dog and cat.  Crazy.  I don't see how working women with children can even keep up!  But anyway...

I do have a small order to get ready this week, they are made, but need to be glazed and fired.

I sent a picture to Bead Trends hoping they will be interested in showing some of my beads.  I mentioned the store and one lady that has helped me along the way.  Hope she won't mind...can you guess who you are?

The first fire in the little kiln didn't go as well as expected, but it was totally my fault, I'm sure.  My big kiln gets done in about six/seven hours and this one wasn't even close to cone six when I turned it off.  It showed it was above cone 01, where the test cone witness was, but, after I turned it off, I realized that it would have to be there and over for a bit to heat the whole inside...I was nervous about running it, but will fill it next time and let it alone, only checking, I have to learn to trust it!

thanks for stopping by, take care.


  1. Good Luck.. I Hope Bead Trends will show your beads. I love your work.

  2. Good luck in having your work shown! They'd be crazy NOT to do it-You're work is incredible :)

  3. Thank you so much Kayla, I hope they agree!