Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Button Club

Heading to Zanesville tomorrow to Button Club.  I haven't been there since Spring.  This has been a crazy summer with Rusty's operation and my little clay biz as busy as it has been.  We have been blessed, that is for sure.

The last few days have been miserable hot and humid, and unless this winter is crazy cold, I won't miss it one bit.  I know it's silly to complain about the weather, but I enjoy cooler more than too warm.

I made a few fish pendants today, so Friday I hope to glaze and fire.  I am going to use the small kiln and see how it goes.  Just as I was getting used to the big one...but that is okay, the larger one will be handy just in case I don't get the little one figured out.  It's a digital I keep telling myself, it should be easier.  I can only hope!

well, once again, thanks for stopping by and take care!

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