Friday, June 1, 2012

What a Week...and a couple more to go...

This has been a busy week and for not good reasons, but we got an answer to prayer today, so I am very happy about that.

My husband is going into surgery Monday to repair damaged vertebrae that is years old.  The doc says he has no idea how long they have been this damaged.  Scary, as my husband doesn't take good care of himself and is not careful with his body.  He was a football player when he was a kid, need I say more?  I can tell you, he still would be if he could!  God bless him...if we get him thru this surgery and back on his feet without much more aggravation, I will be so happy and praise God for it!

Please pray for him to have a successful surgery and a good recovery.  It's all I want...for right now.

Thank you!

thanks for stopping by, take care!


  1. All my best wishes to you and your husband. Keep us posted!

  2. Marti and Rusty -- you know we will.

  3. I will keep your hubby in my prayers. Keep us updated.