Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Thinking about the blog hop coming up and trying to come up with some designs in my head without any beads in stuff!
Things have been so crazy around here for the last month, this is such a nice diversion.
I am not a beader or jewelry maker, but looking at all the gorgeous things out there, I sure could become a bead hoarder and all my friends know, I don't need something else to hoard!
Getting used to wearing my jewelry out is getting easier all the time too.  Almost every time I wear my earrings or a piece I've made, it gets noticed and spoken about.  That is fun!  I give compliments easily and mean them, but it's always harder for me to graciously accept them, but I'm learning...a lifetime goal learned by wearing handmade jewelry...who knew?
Okay...enough for today.
Thanks for stopping by and take care!

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  1. We just never know where life's lessons are going to come from do we?

    As for Rusty, (your previous post), is he having yet another surgery?