Tuesday, June 12, 2012

More Progress

Tomorrow morning Rusty gets his staples out and I get to see the scar...I hope I don't faint.  I've never been able to see blood on him without getting weak in the knees, even shaving cuts, I cannot imagine how this is going to look!
The bandage is at least 10 inches long, I hope the incision isn't that big too!  yikes.

And then, HOPEfully, I get to get muddy again very soon.  I am anxious to get things underway again and learn how to use my new kiln.

We had a couple of thunder booms a bit ago and I put Millie's thunder shirt on her again.  She just runs around the living room rubbing on everything trying to get it off.  She is such a sweetheart!


  1. Well, it will take time, but it sounds like Rusty is recovering without complications. That is good! Millie is so cute. Does her shirt help her feel secure during storms?

  2. So far, so good, that is sure. And this Thundershirt for Millie keeps her occupied rubbing on the furniture trying to rub it off and she doesn't seem to be thinking about the storm anymore. So I guess it works...lol