Thursday, March 1, 2012

Everything is New Again!

Okay, so the computer got here and now I have to learn a lot of new things--again, and it's getting harder to do all the time!   Wish me luck, please!  lol

Started some wet sanding this evening.  Lots to catch up on.  take care, looks like crazy weather is coming again!


  1. Have fun with the new computer. It will be so nice once you get everything all set up. Were you able to save your pictures and things from your old one? I sure hope so.

    Started snowing at my house this morning - huge beautiful flakes - but I don't think it will accumulate or amount to much.

  2. Thanks Jean, and yes, I saved the ones I wanted on one of the saver thingies that looks like a key, have no clue what it is, but used it!
    I guess we are to have more storms today...enjoy your snow!