Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Fiber Arts today...

I have been working on making some knitted socks for fiber arts and have just about worn out one little yank of yarn because of so many mistakes...purling when I should knit, slipped stitches I couldn't figure out how to put back on correctly, etc.

So I have about an 1 1/2 inches knitted correctly this time to take for show and tell...ridiculous when there are others that will have a pair of socks done by now!  I do too many other things is what I keep telling myself, I just cannot settle on one or two crafts to do, but I must to get anything completed.  I consider myself a good starter, but I'm a bad finisher and that's not good.

And I don't know when I get to work in more clay at this point.  I was considering buying a new kiln a little while back, now I'm not sure I need to do that.  And of course all the housework that gets in the way!  Oh, for the good fortune of someone taking over that task...LOL!

Lost a good Scrabble/knitting/collecting buddy the other day.  I am going to her viewing this afternoon after club.  I will miss her, she was quite the genteel lady, a good impression on me, giving and loving beyond words.  I will miss you Lenore...RIP my friend 'til we meet again...


  1. I crochet, but I never learned to knit. I have made some beautiful things with crochet, including several large table cloths and a king size bedspread done in an antique style. If I didn't have my 4-legged babies on the bed all the time, I'd use it. For now, though, it is tucked away safely in my cedar chest.

  2. I've done afghans but never a bedspread, that is awesome!