Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Wet Sanding

I'm wet sanding today and I took some pics to share with you.  Wet sanding is just that...I sand off the burrs and sharps on each piece, equal out as much as possible.  Nothing fancy, but wouldn't fire without doing this step first!  No fancy equipment either, just water and a sponge...
Some newspaper on the table to soak up most of the mess I make!

Here is the batch I started with this morning, they took an hour to do.  

This piece has been cut out and dried...not very pretty!

But looks much better after wet sanding...

Well, there are many more pieces to do, so I better get busy.  Hope you have a great day, I'm going to get muddy!


  1. I can alreay tell that the smalls are going to be fantastic. Thank you for sharing this step with us. Having done some ceramics back in the 70s I do know how important wet sanding is. It is a vital step in having a nice finished piece. I used a coral sponge however. Still have them. Are they worth anything as antiques do you think?

  2. Thanks Jean, but I don't know. I just use these cheap dollar store sponges until they are too worn and toss them, it's surprising how long they last!

  3. Marti, pieces look great! I'm going to have and try wet sanding sometime. I usually clean my pieces right or little after I cut them. But hey always open to new ideas specially if they save time right?