Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Listen To Your Mother!

I've been on this earth going on 56 years and I've probably wasted two years looking for things I've misplaced and didn't put away where they belonged!

How my ears ring with Mom's words "just put your stuff away and you'll be able to find them when you want them the next time"...yes, Mom, you were so right!

My disorganization has got to stop!  It has to!  I don't do many New Year Resolutions because I mean well, I just don't carry thru as I should, but this year I am promising myself I am going to organize this mess and the next time I need the thing I'm looking for...I should be able to find without a problem!  Hang in there with me, won't you!  Keep my feet to the fire, this has got to stop...LOL!

Send me your organization tips, will you?  I have drawers full of things I can't throw away, but not sure why I'm keeping them either!  If I would just get rid of the things I really don't need, I'd have plenty of room for the things I do!

Okay, enough already, just a reminder...if you had a mom like I did, listen to her, she was right all along...I knew it, I really did!

Christmas is just around the corner, we are having rain right now, the temp outside today is 61 degrees!  So far, it's been a very mild winter, but we never know what is around the corner...take care!

So here is before and after pictures...still looks like chaos, but at least I know where things are now!


  1. I would love to help you but I've found that since I've been out of the corporate world for two years now, my organization skills have taken a step back. I can still pull together meetings, dinners, swaps...but actually organizing "stuff"...I seem to have lost that talent (ie I got lazy).

    ~Diana P.

  2. I'll have to come back and read other people's tips, myself. I have the same problem, Marti. I spend more time looking for that special something, usually something that I picked up the day before and thought, "I'm gonna use this soon so I'll put it right here so it is easy to find" ... and of course when I want it, I can't find it!

    What I do try to do to combat this is to put everything in the same place all the time but I fail far too often to do that (hanging head in shame) ...

    I have all my glazes in one place sorted according to cone temperature in see through containers.