Thursday, December 27, 2012

What a Year!

What a year this has been!  Ups and downs like crazy, but that's just life, isn't it?

I must say, getting to know you and having my little Etsy store do so well this year (because of you) has definitely been in the ups. I know there are more, just having a senior moment right now.  Online the other day someone shared a blessing jar, you know, write down what good things happen and save them up for the end of the year.  Looking thru it at the end of the year would surely be helpful, I am so forgetful.  Even a journal would help, but I forget to write things down every day, or even every week!

I've lost three uncles this year, Rusty had an operation that went wonky, but he is fine now, I shouldn't complain.  Millie even had to go thru an operation, but she is fine as well.  Those were for sure the downs.

What's up for next year?  I'm sure I don't know and wouldn't want to, I just ask for the strength to get thru whatever it is.  Would you want to know what your future holds?  

Thank you, thank you, thank you for coming around and stopping by!  take care!


  1. Oh, I love the idea of a Blessing Jar! I want to do that - especially during those "low times" of the year! Hope you continue to prosper and have a Happy New Year!

    1. Thank you Patti! Happy New Year to you and yours! Blessings!