Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Always Looking for TEXTURES...

While looking around the house looking for textures for new beads, here is what I came up with.  Some are new, some are standbys.

Years ago when I quilted I saw old fabric stamps and fell in love with the idea of hand stamping with wood blocks.  I never had the opportunity to buy any until just a few weeks ago and I ran across what I thought was a great deal so I bought some old wooden hand stamps.  Here are a couple and the wet beads just impressed with them...

Here are a few of the textures around the house that I used on a few batch of beads this evening.

From my dog comb,

a glass coaster,

an old hair band,

the cat brush and a straw.

One thing that did not work out as well as I expected was from an old colander...

These beads will dry in a couple of days and then I will wet sand them, bisque fire, glaze, re-fire them to cone six and show them off later.  These were made with my new very dark clay and I can hardly wait to see them finished myself.  

Hope you enjoyed this time together, let me know, please leave a comment!  Check out my Etsy store where there are some things ready and let me know what you think!  If you are a Facebook fan, I have a page there called Marti's Buttons-n-Beads, please look it up...

and as always, thanks for stopping by, take care!


  1. Ha ha ha, me too. It's like an addiction, everything I see I think...could that be a texture? I have to touch it and take a closer look to decide.

  2. So true, some work out great, others not so much, but I just have to know! LOL!

  3. Marti, those textures are very cool! I can't wait to see how they turn out.

  4. Thank you Tanya, me too. I will post again when they are finished!

  5. You're going to have me looking for textures all over my house too! Very cool post. I really like the one from the coaster. But, what was wrong with the colander one? I like the polka dots.

    1. I know, right? The polka dots didn't really stand out like I thought they would, and I won't know until they are glazed if it was worth the effort. I like dots too!