Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Some New Things

Here are some new things from the Baby kiln today.  Summer is going by so quickly!  Hope you are doing well, I've been busy, just not posting so much.

The orange and black Twisted Stars are spoken for and the LOVE beads.  I have multi colored beads this time, most of mine are done in single colors.  And the X & O beads have large holes to be put on cording of some kind.  

Millie is not feeling good this morning...I am keeping my eye on her.  I think it's just an upset stomach.  Bless her heart, I would rather be sick than her...

thanks for stopping by, take care!


  1. So pretty, Marti! I hope Millie is feeling better soon. I haven't been posting on my blog, either. Summer has been really busy and I'm good if I get beads listed or renewed. :)

  2. Hope Millie feels better! Thanks for taking time to show us your latest beads! I always love taking a peak! :-)

    1. Thanks Sharyl, yes, me too. She hasn't eaten a bite today and that worries me, but I will watch her and hopefully tomorrow, she will feel better...