Saturday, February 16, 2013

My Reveal

Here is my lovely soup mix from Jan Petek.  I'm stewing!  I've never worked with enameled beads or have had very many handmade glass beads before.  I'm very excited and hope I can do them justice.

2-21-13, Just finished my soup.  I even think there is a nice surprise in there!  I like it!
2-24-13, Just finished my soup--again.  Changed it up and like it much better!

I know I have beads coming and I know that Jan got the ones I sent her.  So here is the batch I sent...she told me she likes them and thinks they are pretty.  That is always a relief to me!  I made the turquoise colored pieces and added the white moonstone-ish glass beads.  I love that color!  The red stones are marbled with white and I've forgotten what they were and I love the wood beads.  I really like the shape and feel of the wood beads.  The clasp has a soft swirly feel of the focal.

Please check out our Bead Soup that Lori McDaniel Anderson has put on again.  Last I heard there were over 500 people entered and I am in the first reveal.  So exciting!

There is a button to the right that explains it better than I can!

Thanks for stopping by and take care...


  1. Your handmade beads and focal are beautiful. I love the color.

  2. beautiful! I love your handcrafted pieces!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! I'm excited to see what your partner makes with the soup you sent her :)

    1. Thank you Kayla! I havent made many of them, tho its one of my favorite pieces! I am anxious too, to see what Jan does with it!

  4. I really love those glass beads and the enameled beads should be fun to work with too. I know you will do a great job with them. I'm so excited, I just can't wait for the blog hop party to begin.

  5. Hi Marti!
    I am excited to see what you do with my beads! I hope you have fun with them. I am having a blast with yours! I can't wait to show you!

    Thanks Marti!