Saturday, October 27, 2012

My Entry for the Hooters Challenge!

Here is the last batch of owl connectors that I did a few weeks back.  These are going to be entered in the Hooters Challenge on Artisan Whimsy.  Not that I think they stand of chance of winning because there are fabulous artists there, but I like them and they have sold very well for me.

Each eye and beak is rolled out by hand and added onto the head with slip before the wires are added.  Then they are glazed and fired.   Thanks for looking!

thanks for stopping by, take care!


  1. I like them too. I have used several of your owls in my jewelry and I always enjoy using them. Good luck! You're right though, there is a lot of very stiff competition in both categories, components and jewelry design. I just wonder if we'll be able to vote more than once! lol

  2. Thanks Jean! I think the rules said just one vote, but I may be wrong...