Monday, October 8, 2012


Millie had a spasm this evening.  It only lasted a little while (maybe two minutes from beginning to end) but it scared me half to death.  It all began when it looked like she had stepped on something that hurt her foot.  She was holding up her left front foot, but still walking around.  I picked her up to check her foot and then all of a sudden, her body began to stiffen, her neck and down her back.  When I set her on the floor, her back was raised up like a scared cat, and then seconds later she seemed fine.  Another thing tho, while I was holding her, praying for her and trying to comfort her she got hot...HOT and shaky for just a few seconds.  She did not pant or gasp for just a few minutes she was fine...wanted to go outside to do some business and came back inside and started licking her back foot like nothing had gone on at all.

I was shaking so badly but got online to a Chin site and asked some questions.  It seems at her age, eight or nine, that is wouldn't be epilepsy, that seems to come on early in their lives.  It might have been a sugar low some suggested.  Another said possible heart problem.  Some said to watch her, but it may never happen again...I don't know what it was, she still seems fine, but I don't know if I can go to bed this evening and sleep...I know I will call her vet in the morning and that can't come soon enough.

I love her so much...This was her summer cut earlier this year.

thanks for stopping by and take care...


  1. ~Sending positive vibes to Millie (& you)~

  2. She has seemed fine all day today...

  3. Oh, Marti, I just saw this post. You must have been scared to death - believe me, and I know you will, when I say I know exactly how you felt. Have you had her to the vet? what did they say? I will be sure to have all my kids remember her in their prayers tonight and she will certainly be in mine.