Wednesday, May 16, 2012

New Things...Again

Well, as I was filling the new orders today, I got another one.  How cool is that?  I am very happy to work on things I know folks want.  Hope they work out well...

Now to think of some new things to do.  I know I have to make more charms, those are selling quite well.

There is a new glaze working it's way to me starting today.  I can hardly wait!  It looks so beautiful and it's a Coyote glaze and so far I've had very good luck with them.  Whatever color they say they are...they are!  I've not had one fail me yet.  Glazes are so addictive, I have drawers full and still want more...bad habit, that...but at least this hobby is paying for itself!  That is something new for me and I feel so blessed!  Thank you to all my customers, you are making my dreams come true!

Thanks for stopping by, take care...

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