Sunday, May 27, 2012


Got all the glazing and loading the kiln finished yesterday.  I am anxious as always to get this one fired.  Will work on that tomorrow and won't be able to open the kiln until Tuesday.

The weather was ugly hot anyone can enjoy it is beyond me.  Sat outside while the dog was in the yard and it felt like I was cooking!  Terrible!!!  Maybe it's the medicine I take, but I cannot stand being too hot.  But it was a beautiful sunny day as long as I was inside under the AC...thank goodness for AC!

I have yet to plug in the new baby kiln.  Maybe I can do that Tuesday and get it ready to use.

I found the shell mold today that I've been thinking about and looking for for two days.  My mind finally remembered where I saw it last and sure enough, there it was.  Why does it take so long to remember where I put things?  My mom could put something away and years later know exactly where she put it!  Never learned that trick!

Rusty is in operation mode.  He is ready to have it over with.  He damaged his neck vertebrae who knows how long ago and next Monday the doc is going to remove the damaged bits.  We don't know yet if he will have to have a cage put in, I guess we will know after a while.  If you are a praying person, I would appreciate your prayers for him to  have a successful operation and a speedy and safe recovery.  We are not good patients, but I hope he will take care of himself and let his body heal properly.  He is already worried about the lawn...I can mow, I used to do it!  He is old school and doesn't not consider that "women's work".  On the other hand, I would rather do that than have to do dishes.  But he won't trade jobs with me!  Wonder why?

Well, thanks for stopping by...take care!

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