Friday, April 13, 2012

Happy, Happy!

Very happy with the results from the kiln fire this week.  Took so long to do that many beads, the most yet that I've ever done.  24 sets of me that is a lot.  Plus other pendants and charms, so I was one busy girl for a bit.

That is: first the making and then the glazing, at least two layers of glaze and some I did different colors on.  Not complaining, just explaining.

Here are a few of them...

I called these first one Moon Craters.  I used my dogs hair brush to roll the bead over.  It gives such a great texture.  The color is a soft aqua.

This second batch wasn't actually glazed, I used two different clays and wedged them together just a bit and then rolled them out into beads.  I love the way they look!

The color on this batch is my favorite on this speckled clay.  It is called dark blue, but I think the clay changes the color of it a good bit.  In the recesses you can see dark blue, but however it happens, I love the end result.

And so far, the best seller!  These knuckle beads are the most time consuming.  After rolling out a ball for the bead, I then manipulate the ball into this pinched shape.  It takes about ten times around to get the right shape, but I really like them.  And next to the green above, this is a terrific color on the speckled clay.

 I loaded a few of them at my Etsy store at: 
More will go up later.

I hope you enjoyed reading about them.
Thanks for stopping by, take care!