Monday, November 18, 2013

From Beginning to End, the Making of a Ceramic Button

I just got some new clay last month and it comes pretty well ready to use. 

   But clay has a memory and can cause warping if it is not conditioned before use.  So, I roll it around in my hands, squeeze it and play with it for a bit.

  Then I get the mold ready to use.  This design was from an old piece of jewelry.  It was pressed into clay and fired to cone 06.  I spray it with vegetable oil before I press the clay into it.

The round of clay is pushed into the mold and pulled off then cut out.

 The holes are added and it is initialed on the back.

The piece is allowed to dry.  I then use a wet sponge to rub off imperfections, little nuggets of clay, I just try to get it as perfect as possible.   I bisque fire it to cone 06.  This process burns out some of the gasses in the clay that happens when it gets to 100's of degrees. 

Then it is under-glazed and glazed to cone six which is over 2000 degrees.  I think mine goes to 2260 degrees, but not exactly sure.

The finished buttons:

I hope you have enjoyed the making of a button, please let me know!

and as always, thanks for stopping by and take care


  1. Always enlightening to see all the steps involved, Marti. Thanks for sharing!

  2. It' since to see all of your steps. I had no idea you cut some of the buttons out.