Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Sort of disappointed with the cyber sale...didn't sell one piece!  But I'm not complaining too much, because I did get an order that I am going to work on this week.

And, I have a couple pieces in Stringing that Jean Wells made up using a couple of my components.  Honestly, the bracelet she made looks great, but I think that is the ugliest piece I ever made.  I am surprised she used it and that it was published!  But I love the little owl earrings she made, I think those are some of my best pieces...so life has its ups and downs, what's new, right?

I wish I could show you the exact pieces in the magazine, but not sure I can do that.  But here are some pieces that are similar.

These owls are connectors, hers were earrings, but you get the idea!


okay, as always, thanks for stopping by and take care!


  1. Hi Marti, I too am disappointed with the cyber sale. I've made three sales since the sale started, but none of them used the discount code available and published in my shop so I don't think they came as the result of the sale.

    And, you are right, you bad girl. You can't show those pieces yet. And, by the way, just so you know, that was NOT an ugly piece that you made for the bracelet - it was wonderful! That's why I bought it, that's why I used it, and that's why the editors at Stringing wanted to publish it!

    1. I am so glad you liked it...that was one piece I wasn't sure about. You sure made it look better!